Are you ready to become a citizen scientist?

 By reporting your sea turtle sightings, you can help scientists better understand changes in populations, movements, foraging locations and habitat conditions. This invaluable information will help us determine how we can help save sea turtles.

Instructions for Sea Turtle Spotter:

  1. Create your account on and join the Sea Turtle Spotter Project

  2. Download the iNaturalist app on your phone or tablet and sign in

  3. Learn to identify sea turtles in marine habitats you visit

  4. Record your sea turtle sightings on the Sea Turtle Spotter with:

    • location coordinates

    • clear photos

    • species identification

    • notes on behavior or condition

  5. Upload your sightings when you have internet access

  6. Feel great about your work as a citizen scientist!

Featured Sea Turtle Spotter Sighting

Alex and Tamara Double - Baja California Sur, Mexico

This incredible footage was shared with Upwell by Sea Turtle Spotters Alex and Tamara Double. They found this loggerhead while scuba diving at El Bajo in the Gulf of California.

Will your photos or video be the next featured sighting? Send us your photo or video with a description to

Field Guides

Unless you are an experienced turtle biologist, you may need help differentiating one species of turtle from another. Not to worry! Upwell has created field guides to help. We even have wallet-sized cards to fit your needs.

Multiple Species Materials:

Single Species Materials: